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"How does sunless tanning work?"
The main ingredient in all tanning products is dihydroxyactone. Otherwise known as DHA. When DHA is applied to the skin, its works with the amino acids in the skin and oxygen to produce a tanned appearance. DHA only sits on the outermost layer of skin cells until being exfoliated off by the skins natural exfoliation process. 

"What do I wear?"
During your session, women can wear whatever they are comfortable in. Tan-lines are optional. Men must wear undergarments- no exceptions. We provide disposable undies and nipple covers if needed. After your session it is recommended to wear dark, loose fitting clothing & open toed shoes for your best results. It is also recommended to skip your bra after your session.

"How long does it take?"

Your first session will take a bit longer due to meeting with your OG PRO & going over our client intake form before your session. The sunless session is quick and should take about 30 minutes. 

"Is sunless tanning safe during pregnancy and nursing?"
Sunless tanning is extremely popular during pregnancy and nursing. We do always advise you check in with your physician before you receive your tan. The use of DHA is approved by the FDA for external application. We do have nose plugs available if needed. Nipple covers are provided for nursing mothers. Please notify your OG PRO if you are pregnant or nursing.

"Can I get my nails done after my session?"
It is best to make all nail appointments BEFORE your sunless session. Your tan should always be your LAST beauty treatment. Your OG PRO with ensure your nails are cleaned and taken care of. If you must get your nails done after we recommend no soaking or scrubbing. Just paint. 

"How long does the tan last?"
Your tan will last around 7-10+ days with proper PREP & AFTERCARE.
If you do not follow proper preparation and aftercare instructions you can risk early fading and a much shorter life of your tan. Please ask your OG PRO for sunless safe at home products and our retail products to extend the life of your tan.

"When can I work out?" 
If you work out before your session please rinse with cold water to remove any sweat from the skin.
After your sunless session it is recommended to wait the full 24 hours before sweating profusely. If you must work out- please wait until after your initial rinse.   

"What do I do first?"

First, you will book on our online site located                 We recommend booking your appointment 2 days before anything special and 1 day before vacations. Please see our policy page and our sunless instruction page for your very best results. 

"Will it stain my sheets?"
The solutions we use contain a cosmetic bronzer that is there for an immediate color. Your actual tan (the DHA) is completely clear at first. We recommend you wear dark, loose fitting clothing after your session to lessen the chance of the bronzer transferring to clothes or sheets. However the solution will not stain and the bronzer will wash away if contact occurs. We custom mix our solutions and can control the amount of bronzer in the solutions. We also offer CLEAR bronzer free solutions as well.

"When do I schedule my session?"

We always recommend booking 2 days prior to any special event and 1 day prior to vacations.

"Who can book a sunless session?"

We serve both men and women in studio and mobile appointments. Any client under the age of 18 will need parent consent unless parent is present. Undergarments are required for all men and minors. 
No exceptions.

"Can I get my lashes done after my session?"
Lashes should be completed BEFORE your sunless session. Your spray tan WILL NOT effect your lashes at all (our solutions are oil free) If you get your sunless tan and then your lashes done in the same day you can risk the removal of your tan near your under eye.

"When can I shave?"
It is best to shave unwanted body hair the day before your sunless session. If you must shave the day of please rinse with cold water and skip shaving cream. After your session, you can resume shaving in 24 hours to allow for full development. It's best to shave with a conditioner and moisturize with a tan extender afterwards.

"How does payment work?"

We accept all forms of payment in studio (besides check) We also have apple pay. Employee venmo wall is displayed for gratutity if needed.

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